Home Automation

There are dozens of names for it, Smarthome, Home Automation, Control, Integration, the list goes on. We’ve been designing, installing, and maintaining, home automations for more than 15 years. In that time we’ve amassed a long list of certifications, licenses, and experience.

Home Automation

  • Control everything in your home from a single App
  • Turnkey solutions

We can install and maintain every system your home automation controls from lighting control, to security and networks. Our home automation solutions integrate all of your home’s systems including lighting and audio/video, all from a single iPhone app.

Thermostat Control

  • Save energy
  • Set your home’s thermostats from anywhere

Using our home automation.  You can control your thermostat from anywhere using an iPhone or iPad. Whether you choose to take advantage of the sophisticated scheduling system or just manually adjust your temperature from your iPhone, you’ll add convenience while saving energy.

Lighting Control

  • Safely enter your home at night
  • Turn off all the lights from a single button
  • Automatically illuminate exit routes in case of fire or emergency

Save energy and add convenience by incorporating lighting control systems. Large buildings and residences have dozens if not hundreds of light switches. You can manage all the lights in your building from an iPhone, iPad, or a single in-wall keypad.

Motorized shades provide a convenient way to create privacy, control the temperature and manage the brightness of any room.

Occupancy sensors add another layer automation. Trigger your bathroom light to come on and turn off automatically when you enter and leave the room. Later in the night, we program the light turn on to a lower level to save your sleepy eyes from instant brightness.

Distributed Audio

  • Listen to your favorite music throughout the house
  • Share your guest’s favorite music too
  • Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify Integration

Whole home music systems have been around for years. Today’s systems take advantage of smartphone technologies like Airplay to share and play music like never before. Now anything on your or your guest’s iPhone can be heard in any room of the house. Share, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Rhapsody, and more with the press of a single button.

Distributed Video

  • Hide all of your electronics
  • Share your video sources in any room

You might expect to find a stack of electronics near each TV in an average house. Today, you can hide all those electronics in a single location, and send the video and audio throughout the entire house. Your TV is the only peice of electronics you need to account for in each room.