Home Theater

Your custom home theater

We’ll help you create a movie watching experience that rivals the best commercial theaters. Whether its the latest action movie, your favorite sporting event, or binge watching a whole season of the latest hit series, your custom home theater is the best place to watch with your family and friends.

Immerse yourself in sound

  • Acoustics

    Experts agree, treating any system’s room acoustics will provide the most dramatic improvement in sound. We cover all acoustic materials in an elegant fabric of your choosing.

  • Bass!

    Whether it’s a 5.1 or 10.2 surround sound system, subwoofer selection and placement is one of the most important factor. The lower frequency subwoofers create what we call “perceived volume”, where the audio feels louder at nominal levels. We’ll configure the subwoofers in such a way as to provide earth shattering bass without drowning out the dialog.

Choose the best picture

  • Projectors

    Projector systems create a large screen at a great price. Advancements in this field have produced lamp-free projectors that lower the long term cost of ownership. These laser projectors offer a tremendous advantage over traditional LCD projectors.

  • Flat Panel Display

    TV display technology has improved to the point that large format display is a viable alternative to projection systems. Flat panel displays provide a brighter picture and perform better than most projectors in bright rooms.

Lighting sets the stage

  • Integrating the right lighting controls add an important level of elegance and convenience. Dim the lights automatically when the show begins, and brighten them during the breaks.

The right controls bring it all together

  • Now that you have the perfect, dedicated home theater, you’ll need to control it. We’ll give you complete control of your system, from a hard-buttoned remote control or smartphone app. With a single button press, you turn on the display, source, and select the correct input. Everyone in the family will know how to operate your dedicated home theater system.