IT & Consulting


  • Complete WiFi Coverage
  • Maximize your internet speed
  • Home Automation Infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • IT Consulting
  • Private, onsite cloud storage

The network is the backbone your digital lifestyle, but it is one of the most overlooked components in a home system. Our expert staff has IT certifications from top industry providers, and dozens of wired and wireless networks under our belt. Whether you have a Home Automation system, need more WiFi coverage, or just want to make the most of your existing bandwidth, we’ll make sure your network is up to the task.

We’ll setup a local, personal cloud storage device where you can store all of your photos, videos, and documents. Access your personal cloud from any device anywhere in the world, while maintaining your privacy.


  • Mobile, Secure Access to Corporate content
  • Manage employee access to content
  • Manage corporate mobile devices
  • Policy creation

With all the mobile access and content available today, its no wonder that most of us work remotely a few hours a week. According to WorldatWork, more than half of the US workforce works from home or remotely every day. If you don’t have a company policy in place for the way your employees handle your corporate data while out of the office, then you can’t be sure your sensitive corporate data is secure. Let us help you shape your mobility policy, secure your corporate data, and manage your remote users and devices.


  • Secure your content
  • Storage device installed onsite
  • Sync your documents, photos, videos, and music
  • Access all your content from anywhere on any device

There are dozens of clouds available on the internet, and most of them offer some storage for free. If our largest retailer’s credit card systems can be vulnerable, you have to wonder how secure some of these cloud solutions really are. You can keep all your content onsite and secure while providing remote and mobile access with the ability to sync. Our onsite cloud solution provides expandable storage, hard drive failure protection, sync, mobile access, multiple user support, statistics and tracking.