Privacy Policy

At Cordon Connect, we recognize and duly exercise our responsibility to protect the identity and confidentiality of all our customers. Thus, in accordance with the local and national guidelines for client privacy, the following are our website’s policies that help effectively set out the standards of home security and customer satisfaction.

The only personal information collected by our website,, from visitors and clients are their contact details. This is obtained by filling out our Contact Us form. The contact information gathered serves as our tool to respond to your queries and feedback regarding our products and services. Relatedly, all contact information received by our site is strictly kept confidential.

From time to time, our site, along with other third party links may store cookies on your computer to collect unidentifiable information from you, such as your IP address, the type of browser you use, the pages you visit, domains that brought you to our homepage as well as your overall activity in our website as visitor.

To fully ensure your privacy and control over the security and surveillance systems we install in your residential and commercial properties, we let you personalize pass codes needed to activate the alarms and monitor your property through your smartphone. This way, access to your security systems is concealed from any third party, including our staff.

Your responses to our services and products allow us to gain better insight on how we can improve our line-up of facilities and countermeasures to address your concerns. Based on the feedback you send to us, we may request for your permission to feature your comments on our website as additional sources of information to other customers. If desired, your identity may be kept anonymous.

Whenever our company sees fit, our privacy policy is subject to certain modifications or changes in the future. These alterations are done to help enhance our services and expand the level of satisfaction you acquire from availing our products. Nevertheless, all customers and companies we work in partnership with are properly informed about the revisions made on our policy.