“Let us help you make the most of today’s technology.”

Unlock your door from Apple Watch, play your favorite Pandora station in every room in the house, and keep an eye on all of your security cameras, all from a single iPhone or Android app. Savant’s intuitive interface ensures that everyone in the household can easily operate the TVs and music.
Whether you need a single room of control or a complete home automation solution, Savant has a system for you.



“With Savant’s music servers, everyone can listen to their own Pandora or Spotify station at the same time! Everyone’s music is now within reach with just a few button presses.”

Lighting Control

“Take control of your environment with Savant’s WiFi lighting control system. With the new Savant App and Savant Lighting, you can create your own scenes including music in under a minute! Click Here to select your lighting options.”

Thermostat Control

“Managing your energy has never been more convenient. Trigger heating or cooling changes based on time of day, outdoor temperature, or even your alarm system’s status. Temperature history helps you track your energy consumption.”